Monday, November 28, 2005

Cogito, ergo doleo

It sure is handy looking at other's blog sites, here I was with nothing to write, and bingo, I find on Robert's site "Blog Ideas" .... what fun!
so here, I'll have a go at a few...

1. Q:
who would you like to be tied to for 24 hrs? ..... no brainer there - Viggo, Viggo, Viggo - do I get to choose how we are tied?

2. Q: With your license to kill, who would be first? ..... tricky, you're talking the the vegetarian who nurses wild birds back to health and carries bugs out of the house and sets them free .... only one logical answer really - myself, in a spectacular accident naturally (suicides won't pay off the morgage which would secure my children's college funds), plus as an added bonus I remove my family's and my husband's family's favourite scapegoat (oh who will they blame everything on now??). AND my husband can settle down with that nice catholic girl he's been dating. sounds like a win-win plan....

3. Q: How long do you think you will live? - well that is a loaded question now isn't it..... I'd like to make 42 so I can at least say I made to they ulitimate answer - so about 8 more months then.

4. Q: How do you feel about being naked? - depends how cold it is, and who I'm with. generally I have no problem being naked if I'm warm enough, and usually its a handy way to make sure you get all your laundry done.

5. Q:What should we do with stupid people? - be kind to them, generally they have a knowledge that the 'intellegent' don't come close to - now mean & stupid people - that's different...

6. Q: What makes you laugh? - many many things, my kids, my dogs, my friends, strange off beat humour (stranger the better), dark satire, other people laughing, the two very ticklish spots on my body - and about 100 other things...

okay blogged today, still can't figure out how to do half the stuff here.....
ah well.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


okay, I admit, I have NO idea how to blog - its all new to me....
I can't do the bloody side bar, don't know how to do cool graphics, can't
Html (very embarrasing really - see picture).

I write poems and paint and draw, blog.... ummmm

okay you get the idea.

so handy tips, anything really, will greatly accept any and all assistance. and will be very greatful.

RE: tofurkey - had my brother and family down from Toronto for thanksgiving, and being veggie, served tofurkey (plus pork tenderloin, and roast ham and a hundred other things to make sure every varied diet was content) - well end of story - I was the ONLY one who liked tofurkey (must have been my brother's gravy...) sigh - wanna guess what is on my lunch and dinner menu for the next week? (except that I'm suppose to be impressing my investor and sucking up to restaurant people all week - could be tricky... perhaps the dogs will enjoy it...)

okay will continue to try and figure out sidebar.... grrrr

must be too right-brained for this sort of thing..... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I think, therefore I am dangerous...

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

and NO you can't have my rights..... I'm using them.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

willow trees

shadowed man

What sound is this
his shadows make
that brushes 'cross my thighs -

borrowed from the wind
as love he makes
through inclined willow's

dropping diamonded leaves,
as question marks -
green breezes wove in wooden chimes
lifting lightly gilded wings

before caressing -
with lovers hands
my restless hair
my waiting face
eclipsing all of me
within me
~hushed emerald light~

as his gentle soul
stains softly
the edges
of my heart
s p r e a d i n g
his zephyred ripples
to the very
of me.

~ must stop reading poetry out in the hammock - it has the stragest effect on me!

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radix lecti (couch potato)

What I am NOT doing right now....

- I am not working on the restaurant's business plan, because I have come to the actually accounting, numbers part - and I am out of my bloody league

- I am not finishing the letter to the school asking for resourses for my son's maybe ADHD after 4hours and 10pages of work yesterday on it.

- I am not getting food for our thanksgiving dinner, or for the shelter's dinner because I have no car, and can't walk that far then carry all that food back.

- I am not painting because I seem to have developed a severve phobia of watercolours.

- I am not writing anything other than blogs it appears, all creative words have shrived up into a small, ugly tar like ball, and are lurking somewhere near my ribcage I believe - they won't come out no matter how much I coax them.

- I am actively trying to get the mental image of how spam is made out of my head, and very actively hating Andy for putting it there.

- I am not reading the 2 inspirational books in front of me, the 5 books of poetry, or any of the 500 excellent novels that are all around me either, nor am I working on that blasted knitted cap I said I'd do for chemo patients (I picked the most difficult yarn on the planet to work with...)

hence my title.....

ah well.

Monday, November 21, 2005


absolutely Not about oysters

Such cloisters of oysters
purple kingdoms of tea
roads leading to know-where
will you come follow me?

I’ll sing you a seahorse
we’ll twirl top the sea
make dinners of rainbows
for a scallop goatee

the shrimp, how they’ll giggle
at the pink manatee
and we’ll sleep in fond sand
shall I love you machree?