Tuesday, November 22, 2005

radix lecti (couch potato)

What I am NOT doing right now....

- I am not working on the restaurant's business plan, because I have come to the actually accounting, numbers part - and I am out of my bloody league

- I am not finishing the letter to the school asking for resourses for my son's maybe ADHD after 4hours and 10pages of work yesterday on it.

- I am not getting food for our thanksgiving dinner, or for the shelter's dinner because I have no car, and can't walk that far then carry all that food back.

- I am not painting because I seem to have developed a severve phobia of watercolours.

- I am not writing anything other than blogs it appears, all creative words have shrived up into a small, ugly tar like ball, and are lurking somewhere near my ribcage I believe - they won't come out no matter how much I coax them.

- I am actively trying to get the mental image of how spam is made out of my head, and very actively hating Andy for putting it there.

- I am not reading the 2 inspirational books in front of me, the 5 books of poetry, or any of the 500 excellent novels that are all around me either, nor am I working on that blasted knitted cap I said I'd do for chemo patients (I picked the most difficult yarn on the planet to work with...)

hence my title.....

ah well.

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