Tuesday, November 22, 2005

willow trees

shadowed man

What sound is this
his shadows make
that brushes 'cross my thighs -

borrowed from the wind
as love he makes
through inclined willow's

dropping diamonded leaves,
as question marks -
green breezes wove in wooden chimes
lifting lightly gilded wings

before caressing -
with lovers hands
my restless hair
my waiting face
eclipsing all of me
within me
~hushed emerald light~

as his gentle soul
stains softly
the edges
of my heart
s p r e a d i n g
his zephyred ripples
to the very
of me.

~ must stop reading poetry out in the hammock - it has the stragest effect on me!

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Robert Mitchell L.L. said...

I am not underestimating hippies...never would. Don't get me wrong, they are all good eggs. I just don't understand the aversion to fur. But to each his/her own and all that.

Callooh said...

the adversion to fur....
adversion is the wrong word choice.

I have an adversion to Britany Spears - but that is logical and based on solid evidence.

you also should not assume every person reason for not liking fur is the same. generalizations like that about large groups of people can land you in all sorts of hot water...

okay fur-
well it IS sort of wasteful don't you think?
breeding, caging then keeping an animal alive only for its hide, then electrocuting it and throwing away its body - is wasteful. (I've worked in discetion labs with donated skinned dead minks, those darlin's didn't go peacefully) Waste of resourses, of life, of many things.

I have no problem with using the whole animal, hunters are usually great conservationalists. eat the meat, bones for soup (almost as good a pumpkins I hear), fur for warmth - everthing used. great, no problem.

my problem, is raising, then killing a living animal for vanity and fashion. that's it. I don't believe many people who wear fur would have the stomach to actually do the dirty deed themselves.

even martha doesn't wear it.

so adversion, not the right word.... I'm not out tossing red paint on anyone, and am never so tacky to say a word about another's choice of clothing, but fur makes me sad. that's all.

Kathleen Callon said...

I'm veg, but wear leather sometimes, especially when it's cold and wet outside, because cloth just doesn't protect my feet, and plastic doesn't biodegrade.

Viggo is a babe. He's also an incredible artist, too. His paintings and photography are amazing.(Found you on Robert's blog.) Peace.