Monday, June 16, 2008

what I'm reading

I seem to be reading books about god, or women in difficult times. Watched Sense and Sensibility last night with the girls - and sighed when Willoughby rides in on his horse, and cried when Edward announces he's not the one who's married. Perhaps I'm looking for inspiration or conciliation in their circumstances.

I loved this. An Persian girl in the 17th century is left without a dowry and must find her own way after her father dies.

I'm reading this now - I'm surprised I actually put it down long enough to write this! It takes you through the worst parental nightmare and works toward redemption, or at least it seems to be....

this book is fascinating. fantasy, which I don't normally fancy, but the concept of being hyper-empathic in a very troubled world is very interesting

always, I read poetry, this is the one on mybedside table, but there are about 30 more on my bookshelf

the family we make... always of interest

would we invent the devil? I'll let you know