Thursday, August 31, 2006

going off the deep end

deep end
Originally uploaded by Ruth Elliott.
any last words?

this is a test. (this is only a test ... blah blah blah .... had this been a real blog you might have been entertained, educated, or mildly interested by now)

I am sending this from my flickr site - ooohhh the wonderment of the internet and my magic typewriter!!!

This diving board is looking out from CT to (into?) the Atlantic Ocean (the kids told me the water was cold, I stayed warm and dry with my handy cameras).

This blog attempt is so crazy - it just may work!

I have just taken in the 250 or so other photos I took, so brace yerselves. . . .

*addendum - for more pics from my mystical and conjuring scanner, see my Imagery blog...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

they're gone, and I'm baaak

Okay, so the "vacation" took a little longer than planned. Well the vacation went as long as planned, then real life took some adjusting to.

It was quite the time. I have bitten the big apple (and have the pictures to prove it), I have dipped my toes in the Atlantic Ocean (ditto on the pictures), I met one of my closest online friends from England, and subsequently learned that "thanks for posting a picture of my fanny on the internet" does NOT mean the same thing in England as it does here. This I learned after I posted a comment on her flickr site where she had posted pictures of our get together. I have "Performed Poetry" to an "audience" and received "applause". I discovered my "virtual" poet friends to be more warm, wonderful and human than I could have imagined.

and, I got older by one year. I am now the ultimate answer if you can figure that out.

I was loved and nurtured, and cared for in a way I never remember being cared for. I got a message that ripped out my heart, and later a phone call roughly put it back. I caught a bat inside my friend's house 12:30 while doing tarot reading on my birthday during a full moon, and set free the beautiful creature to her open night. To top it off I flew back the day of the shampoo explosives scare, sigh - they took my water bottles! and they searched my luggage on the way down, but they always search my luggage, must be the bright eyed, daft looking Canadian thing. . . .

So where are these pictures? what have you been doing since? Well the pictures have to be scanned - I use old clunkers, and the digital I borrowed I still have to get the pictures put on disc, so you will have to wait. Each of these sentences could be a blog - the musicians I talked to in Central Park, my afternoon of losing myself staring at the ocean, the adjustable beds in the hotel room..... , the night of the bat, my book - yes there will be a book, and my homecoming - but that's a different story. Lance, for you, I do have a lovely lefty blog almost done and will post as soon as I can. Lance and Glenda, thanks for your notes, wow, to be thought of, I am honoured.
Home life was a little harder to get used to. Nothing for my birthday (and Leos like a small fuss at least ), even my brother seemingly missed it. Things not so easy. But the kids are back in school and I have spent my time studying tax, immigration, and divorce law - and today will be cashing out part of the only money that is really my own, my retirement savings - so I can make a start on my own.

I will write more soon - with pictures I promise - something that includes the bright pepto-bismo pink hummer I saw last night, or perhaps that should be a poem...

I have missed you all.