Saturday, November 26, 2005


okay, I admit, I have NO idea how to blog - its all new to me....
I can't do the bloody side bar, don't know how to do cool graphics, can't
Html (very embarrasing really - see picture).

I write poems and paint and draw, blog.... ummmm

okay you get the idea.

so handy tips, anything really, will greatly accept any and all assistance. and will be very greatful.

RE: tofurkey - had my brother and family down from Toronto for thanksgiving, and being veggie, served tofurkey (plus pork tenderloin, and roast ham and a hundred other things to make sure every varied diet was content) - well end of story - I was the ONLY one who liked tofurkey (must have been my brother's gravy...) sigh - wanna guess what is on my lunch and dinner menu for the next week? (except that I'm suppose to be impressing my investor and sucking up to restaurant people all week - could be tricky... perhaps the dogs will enjoy it...)

okay will continue to try and figure out sidebar.... grrrr

must be too right-brained for this sort of thing..... Posted by Picasa

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