Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wishcraft - Personal Style in Action

I've taken a break from this, but I'm back now. The next exercise is to write down 20 things I like to do (I stopped myself at 25) and then to look at each item and state how long it's been since you've done it, do you do it alone or with someone, is it planned or spontaneous, fast or slow, mind/body/and or spirit, is it free?, is it job related, and finally does  it involve physical risk. I think it's safe to stay writing html code is NOT on my list, and that's why there is not a nice table listed below. I will say that on the table I wrote up by hand I seem to most enjoy things planned, slow things I do alone that involve my mind, don't cost too much and almost none had anything to do with my job! that said I do like to do many things with friends, and can be spontaneous (that kind of surprised me, that I wasn't more  spontaneous). Hapkido, and perhaps horseback riding were the only things that involved any risk - so much for my jaunty, devil may care outward appearance, which again surprised me, but when I thought about it really didn't.

so here is my list of things I like to do (note, I did figure out how to put in a numbered list

  1. ride horses
  2. paint - wall, canvases, objects, bodies...
  3. photograph - not a big surprise there
  4. edit and create photos
  5. draw (getting a theme here I think)
  6. read (action packed so far)
  7. dance (ha! one that is fast, with people and often spontaneous!)
  8. watch movies
  9. poetry, read, write, listen to....
  10. observe nature
  11. play with my dog - he's just so happy with whatever you do, how can you not love playing with someone who adores you and runs around like a total moron..
  12. hanging with my family (those who do not cause me grief, they get their own list) fortunately I love hanging with my kids and my aunt's family
  13. helping people - this is planned with things like the shelter and spontaneous when a friend in trouble calls me. it lets me give back some of the compassion others gave me
  14. sing - really, maybe I'll actually stop belly aching and work on my voice and join the choir... maybe
  15. get a massage - aaaahhh, if I were a better person I'd say I like to give a massage as much as get one, but I'm not, I'm an unabashed hedonist when it comes to foot rubbing and any sort of massage, LOVE IT
  16. music, music, music - I can't imagine life without it, although I don't generally have it playing constantly, I LOVE sitting quietly while someone plays piano or guitar
  17. driving fast with music - ah ha! somewhat risky behaviour, but I generally reserve this for the highway and when there is no one around, but boy do I love it, and  I  SING ;-)
  18. sit by a lake or ocean - this quiets my soul, my mind and let's me just be
  19. putter around - not glamorous, but to have a day where I putter here and there around the house recharges me, I'll be a great retiree, should I ever get the funds to do so - this also includes in the garden, but still with a slow puttering kind of pace
  20. activities with friends - I sometimes have to give myself a push out the door, but when I do I almost always have a great time, I have to keep reminding myself of this. otherwise I will become some creepy old recluse with too many cats when I am older
  21. talking to my kids - damn, I have raised some interesting people! I also taught them to think for themselves, I occasionally wonder at the wisdom of this....
  22. hug people - just because, when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm just chillin' as Graham would say
  23. Hapkido - god only knows why, but I am absolutely DRIVEN, I go 3,4 or 5 times a week, and get knocked down over and over and over, I feel clumsy, but I just keep going - and the bruises, I look like I've been beaten - oh, wait....
  24. yoga - which officially I LOVE and am great at, but I haven't been in soooo long, not sure why.... 
  25. rearrange things - this goes well with a putter around day. I like to change my space, in little ways, and occasionally big ways
so, there you have it. I'm not as daring as I thought I was, part of me wants to say I'm lazy, but I don't think that's the case, I think these 25 things allow me to think about myself, the world and how I want to be in it.

oh! how could I forget

   26. verbal banter - I get this from my family, and some friends. one man I fell in love with over his words, and then it turned out he was tall, handsome and rich, but it was not meant to be, alas.... I miss his words more than anything
   27. Roller Coasters!!!! weeeeeee! and one with personal risk, other people, FAST, but still mostly planned... (and very scary movies, which I count as very similar to roller coasters)

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