Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wishcraft - Stylesearch

I am RED.    I am passionate, fiery and glorious. 
I shout, I sing, I am noticed.

And so starts my 'Stylesearch'. You are to pick a colour and then write as if you were that colour. Not sure what the big loud red says about me... should I be nervous??

EXERCISE 5: The Private Eye Game

"Play detective. Snoop around your own  house or room as if you were a private eye trying to find out who lived here just from the style revealed in the house. After all, in a way you  are learning about a stranger. You are following the tracks and examining the fingerprints of a unique individual you do not know who happens to be you."

Here we go, my house:

The house is busy, cluttered but not dirty. It has the feel of being lived in. There are bookshelves in every room, and art all over the walls and on shelves. There are bright colours, bunches of flowers and bits of whimsy everywhere. The couches are comfortable and invite you to relax on them. Family pictures are all over the family and living rooms. There is a big dog bed in the living room and the family room. The office looks like barely contained chaos, with sketches, photos, and drawings on all surfaces and walls. By the desk on the wall are post-it notes saying "I love you mummy". Encouraging quotes are around the computer monitor. The stairway has framed children's art along its wall. The seem to have been there a while. Two of the upstairs bedrooms burst with the spirit of their occupant, one is being reinvented and the master bedroom needs a good clean out and some colour but is otherwise comfortable looking. The are colourful art and objects displayed, effort has been made, but it needs more attention to shine. The garden leading into the house is verdant, causal and friendly. Several wind chimes tinkle in the breeze. The containers overflow with many types of ivy. Overall its on the small size and packed with more than it can hold, but its also friendly, inviting and interesting.

Next: Seeing Yourself as Others See You...

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