Monday, August 22, 2011

Part Two - My Cheering Section

This is the optional second part to my previous post. I create my ideal family to be my private cheering section. I realize the irony of my photo selection. As a child I watched the Brady Bunch everyday after school, and not unlike many other kids I'm sure, I wished my family was like that idealized family. Only now with perspective and history can we see that the Brady Bunch was as flawed as the rest of us. It doesn't stop the desire for that ideal family, and here I will create mine, not very Brady, but to me, pretty damn awesome.
My Ideal Family and what - I think - they would say about me. 

Stephanie Robertson - gorgeous, gifted and generous from her core, with just a bit of naughtiness to make her even more wonderful.
Ruth is beautiful, stunningly so ( I don't have to make that one up, she said that to me this summer). Her eyes reflect years of journeying and the wisdom gained from it. She is soft and welcoming. I love it when she sings.

David Whyte - wise, insightful, and one damn sexy Irish poet.
Ruth looks deeply into life. She does not turn away when what she sees is frightening. She knows this is the path to find the gold coins, to find her gold coins. She has an openness and authenticity when she speaks.

Diane Gelder - my wished for mother, strong and soft, generous and kind, and funny. 
Ruth is simply a beautiful person. She's very funny and kind. She's interesting to talk to. She is compassionate and a fierce defender and advocate for those who need her. She is incredibly creative. 

Maggie Huscroft - my wonderful, wonderful beautiful friend, who I miss terribly
Maggie would sit with me and we would paint and listen to opera. then we might have some excellent food and a naughty laugh or two.

Rumi - I got to pick, right. no where did it say the person had to be currently alive... and if you don't know why I picked Rumi, go read his words...
Ruth will take the time to examine things deeply. Even when it is difficult, she reflects deeply about her thoughts and her actions.

Well, there they are - I would naturally have many, many more friends and relations, and we would have fabulous family get-togethers, but that would take pages and pages. I might just write them one day, it would be a wonderful reminder of the outstanding people I have had to privileged to know.

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