Saturday, September 03, 2011

Wishcraft - My Ideal Environment

In What Imaginary Environment would you and your best self emerge?

Right, in a house by the ocean with Viggo...? Now I am suppose to imagine my perfect home, this is rather torturous, or at the very least a tease, but here goes.

I have a home near the ocean where I can hear the waves and sit on my back deck drinking coffee and watch them breaking on the beach. I have a housekeeper,  and personal assistant (and personal trainer) to handle the everyday household tasks that overwhelm me (read: all of them, save making coffee). My home has very big windows with relaxed and comfortable furniture. It is not the place you take your shoes off before entering.

I would have a boss/team that required my very best and critiqued my work honestly and effectively. There would be high expectations of me. My day would start and end quietly. I have a dog, a cat or two and horses. My home has a library, an office and a STUDIO!  (how cool is THAT?) I have a kick ass computer and wonderful photographic equipment. I collaborate with motivated and fabulously creative people. We work individually and together, producing excellence that we are well paid for, and very proud of. I am both a student and teacher.

I am involved in local theatre, co-own (with an incredibly business and accounting savvy individual) a coffee shop/bookstore that displayed local art and occasionally local talent. I take one month a year and travel through the world with my camera, art and journaling supplies. I have a lover who has a fulfilling life in a profession he adores. When we are together it's fabulous, but we both need time for ourselves. My kids come and go and feel nurtured and supported. They are achieving their heart's desires. When we are together we have wonderful family dinners that sometimes include extra friends and neighbours. Everyone is treated like family in my home.

My community is multicultural, loving and supportive. I contribute to it in meaningful ways. Together we work toward a common good not just for our part of the world, but for our planet.

In this environment I am challenged to be my very best. I am accountable to those I work and live with and have the logistical support to keep me focused. My living and work space is organized and clean, leaving me time to be my creative best. Creating huge canvases is a great thrill for me. I have the time and space to explore completely each creative inspiration and I trust in the process.

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