Thursday, September 13, 2012

Four Platitudes and A Cynicism (or Three)

view from the steering wheel

It doesn't rain, it pours.
Gee it's hot, and why the Hell am I in this handbasket?
Things get only get better from here / That was the worst of it
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger/stranger.

With family like this... nevermind

So just when I thought it couldn't get worse (who am I kidding, I always expect it to get worse), it - surprise! (not really) - gets worse.

A particlarly annoying friend of mine would point out, with a smug and Zen like smile, that I am creating my own reality - fortunately, they are not within striking distance, because then I really might do some reality creating. Anyhow, how lame is that?! if I were in the business of creating realities mine, right now, would involve a man on a horse, a tiara, chocolate, an ocean and some fucking poetry, NOT me sitting in my car blogging from my phone.

Coping wise, I could laugh, cry or do what I'm doing right now, sit in my car and stare at the steering wheel and wait for the next bit of news-that-really-fucking-sucks to arrive.

Wait, I've written a poem about this sort of thing, must dig that out. here it is!

I've already cried, and to put things in perspective, I could know someone, or be in that ambulance that just forced it's way through traffic. My sitting in my car in a prime parking spot might really be messing with some people trolling for spots, there, that me smirk a little - yep still not a bit Zen like.

Bless them, Change me
Bless them, Change me
Bless them, Change me

(Fuck them, Get me some Chocolate)

I hate these damn gowth opportunities. Yes, I am disappointed because I had expectations, silly me. 
Could be worse, it could be raining - wait, nevermind on that one too.

Strangely, as I've been sitting here, the world seems to be going on quite happily, not caring one bit about my justified funk.  Well. I'll just go get me some chocolate then, that will show you.

Create my own reality aright.

Also I will go to that hot core yoga class and sweat off all these annoying people who simply_will_not_behave.

There, that should show them.

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