Thursday, March 22, 2012

Before the storm, almost....

here comes the rain?
Four days of 80+ degree weather in March and this appears to be the start of the promised thunder storm.... or not quite yet?

Mother Nature you're very fickle this year. Could it be you're tired of our less than dignified treatment of you?

I understand.

It seems women of all types are being treated badly of late. Told we should not be in charge of our own bodies, that we lack the intelligence to make informed medical decisions, that our own morality is insufficient. If we choose to have sexual intercourse with a man, we are sluts for wanting access to birth control.

It's curious the men that we are having these sexual relationships with bear no responsibilty, nor do they have their morality questioned and the contents of their testicles legislated.

and there it goes...
I feel rather stormy about it myself.

I think women, and men, I think PEOPLE need not to speak up about this, we need to SHOUT about it, POUND drums, DEMAND to be treated with respect that is each human being's birthright. I have not brought two daughters and a son into this world to have them accept sexism cloaked in false morality.

So bring it on Mother Nature, it's time for a storm.

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