Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bloody runners

Seriously, its COLD out there, wouldn't you rather be sitting at one of these tables sipping coffee instead of standing around them and constantly opening and closing the front door freezing the rest of us? In the words of my daughter Catherine who is trying to swear less, but still get her point arcross - "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR" , I'm sure you can translate. Or better yet, be home in bed, or up by a lovely fireplace? I don't get it. Of course this comes from someone who breaks boards over her head and spends 4 days a week in a grueling Hapkido school.
I woke up in a 57degree (13.5C) home, went out to a 17degree (-8C) car to drive my son in for his last (crosses fingers) detention. I love my quiet introvert time, but I would prefer to be warm and still puttering around in my pjs, coffee steaming from my newly purchased Dragon Mug. It's my year, Dragon that is, and I wanted my own commemorative (no spell check when you blog from your phone) mug.
Time to go back out in the cold and pick up my lad, the runners are gone, so I'm slightly warmer, and we can't have that. Soon I'll be in front of my own fire. That will be nice.

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