Friday, July 29, 2011

wishful creating

Here I am getting back to blogging. I have a 'smart phone' and have managed to make a mobile site for my blog and for my photos . Etsy is around there someplace as well.

Recently I put up post on facebook asking the Universe - God(dess) - Flying Spaghetti Monster - To Whom it may Concern, for some life guidance. One of the things that came back was a book called 'Wishcraft', which handily is available for FREE as a pdf which I then sent to my Kindle (the technology is going to kill me, or grow me some more brain cells). My process through the exercises has been interesting, and since I'm fairly certain only a handful of people read my blog I've decided to record my progress out loud, on the web, for the world (should the world look) to see.

This blog is me testing the handy email I made to go with my newly mobile blog. What will we think of next?

ps this may seriously cut into my Angry Bird's time, this may be a good thing.

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