Monday, September 11, 2006


Moment of Silence

A Gandhian commemoration of September 11

While most U.S. citizens are fixated on the fifth anniversary of the terror attacks, advocates for peace are reminding us that it is also the 100th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's nonviolent campaign against South Africa's racial oppression laws.
Find out more about the alternative Gandhian approach.

Five years of struggle

As Americans reflect on the five years since the terror attacks on the United States, it is important to remember the victories and losses in the struggle to protect our civil liberties.

See an analysis by the American Civil Liberties Union.


Nationwide call for Freedom from Fear
Human rights activists are using the occasion of the fifth anniversary to urge policymakers to re-evaluate our country's post-9/11 choices and invest in building the foundations for a strong and lasting peace with justice.

Learn more about this advocacy initiative and take action.


UUSC blog (source of most of this info)

UUSC blog.



Gary said...


The Future Was Yesterday said...

The voice of peace seems only heard when all other's have exhausted themselves.

Callooh said...

Gary - thanks.

TFWY - sadly true, and some voice talk loud and long... (good thing some of us have staying power, eh?)

Frederick said...

We will over come this madness...

Callooh said...

someday, yes