Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hedgehog in the Fog-Yuriy Norshteyn

"This is a story about a little hedgehog (voice of Mariya Vinogradova) and his friend bear cub (voice of Vyacheslav Nevinniy). They would meet every evening to drink tea, count the stars and have conversations. One day, as usual, the hedgehog decided to bring raspberry marmelade. As he went to the bear to count the stars, he was already thinking what to talk about. While passing through the woods on the way to his friend, the hedgehog finds a horse standing in a fog. He is curious as to whether the horse would suffocate if it lay down in the fog. Being an explorer, the hedgehog decides to explore the fog."

I only wish I could understand the language, but the story is lovely even if you cannot.



glenda said...

Oh, this is so beautiful and quaint and beautifully old? From the 40s? 50s?

Callooh said...

no, very modern, all computer technology, I just love the story, even if I have to guess at it.

btw codepink is quite active in Chicago...

nadya said...

It is very beautiful! I am Russian and I love it :)
You got the story pretty much right, here are little bits that are a liberal translation...

"The Little Hedgehog was on his way to his friend, the Little Bear, to watch the stars at night. They'd sit side by side, drink tea, and count the stars in the sky. The sky was so close, just above the chimney on the roof. To the right of the chimney were Little Bear's stars, and to the left - Little Hedgehog's."

"The Hedgehog saw a horse, far away in the fog. He wondered, what if the horse in the fog laid down to sleep, would she drown in the fog? So the Little Hedgehog climbed down into the fog himself, to see what it's like in there."

"The scared Little Hedgehog had fallen into the river, so he curled up as comfortably as he could, and decided to let the river carry him where it will. Little Bear's voice echoed in the fog, calling for him. 'I'm going to die', the Hedgehog thought, and peacefully surrendered to the water's current. But something had brushed against his toes, swimming by. That Something had picked the Hedgehog up on its back, and carried him to shore. "Thank you," said the Hedgehog. "Don't worry," said the Something."

(at the end) "The Bear babbled on and on, and the Hedgehog quietly thought, 'how nice it is that we're together again.' And also he thought about the horse - 'how is she, out there, in the fog?'"

And also, to the person that said it was modern - I don't know about computer technology, since it was made in 1975 :)