Sunday, June 04, 2006

stupid things I did this weekend

Things accomplished this weekend -

  • 1 field trip to the Brookfield Zoo with 120 9year olds (Friday, not strictly the weekend, but I'm counting it just because)
  • 2 birthday parties (pizza, 9year olds, cake - really do you NEED details?)
  • 4 soccer games (1 win, 1 amazing goal, 3 kids having fun - 5 1/2hrs driving, folding and unfolding chairs and yelling "go team")
  • 1 soccer party (13 13year olds, pizza, cake - need I say more?)
  • 1 graduation party (teens, cake, soda cans - need I say more?)
  • 1 20 year wedding anniversary re-vowing (perfect fun for the trying to divorce couple to attend)
  • 1 grumbly spouse (NOT saying more)
  • 0 jobs
  • 1 maybe business partner
  • 1 huge emotional upheaval (lets just forget this one - other than it was a sober one)
  • 1 3hour mediative gathering (outside, also know as a "buffet tartar pour les beaucop mosquitos")
  • 1 getting elected to something-er-other (that will likely get me in much trouble - it involves getting larges groups of people involved in social action - oh man will I make a mess of this one!)
  • 6 hours sleep (total)
  • 1 pierced navel . . . . well almost
  • 1 movie - Friends With Money (excellent, excellent, excellent)
  • 1 selfish book purchase (The Mermaid Chair - aparently excellent, excellent, excellent)

Okay, I am SO ready for the week to start..... oh yeah
  • 3 full days of school left . . .


Sothis said...

Crap--busy weekend. Say "Happy Birthday" to the kids for me.

I've heard the Mermaid Chair is Great as well. Have fun with it.

Callooh said...

sleep need sleep .... I write from about 11pm till 2am now.

did I mention for the next 2days I'll be volunteering with outside "games" at the school....


Anonymous said...

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

Callooh said...

thanks for the advice!

glenda said...

Ah, you are busy. I pierced my navel about ten years ago, but after waiting a full year for it to heal, which it never did well becuse of the location, I took out the bar and let it grow back.

Callooh said...

my friend keeps warning me about that infection thing ... perhaps I will do the tattoo instead (must be an almost midlife thing)

and school is out now - sigh no time anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!