Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I haven't been the same since that house fell on my sister....

Okay, I'm doing it - responding to the pressure. It has become - how you say? too much. All this loose flinging about of hippie terminology without any knowledge behind it what so ever.

So here it is a list of SIGNS YOU MAY BE A HIPPIE. . .
(read carefully and take very seriously, I realize the thought of any degree of hippieness is terrifying to some)

  • you smell - with your nose, like everyone else
  • you shower, but conserve water and use biodegradable products
  • you have more than one variety of soy or tufu in your refrigerator right now
  • you have a preference in the brand of soy milk you buy, or the brand of organic milk
  • you are a member of a co-op that sells organic produce, free range drug free eggs, organic milk etc
  • you have more than one pair of Birkenstocks (summer/winter, formal/casual, etc)
  • you have a preference in cous cous grains size
  • you understood the last statement
  • you know what Namaste means
  • you have occasion to say Namaste
  • you have a preference on the type of yoga you practice
  • you consider tie-dye perfectly acceptable formal wear
  • you read banned books - proudly
  • you think, therefore you are dangerous
  • you can find Tibet on a map and know why the Dalai Lama doesn't live there
  • you know who the Dalai Lama is
  • you quote Gandhi at your children when they fight or behave badly
  • not only are you a Treehugger, you are a Wormloving Dirtworshiper
  • you know where your chakras are
  • you know what a chakra is
  • you understood the above two statements
  • you have a set of tarot cards
  • you understand them
  • you can read them
  • you have many, many Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Bob Dylan, ska-type-music etc CDs
  • you read poetry - alot
  • you don't shop at Walmart or buy your gas at Exxon (you tend to skip the sheep tommy-crombie type wear as well)
  • you have more jeans with holes in the knees (and bum) than without
  • you wear above jeans to school functions (you have repaired the bum)
  • you have belly dancing chimes (and maybe even an outfit - but that's strictly bonus marks)
  • you can belly dance
  • you've been henna tatooed
  • you can henna tatoo
  • you presently have henna tatoos
  • you have white sage, and smuge your home
  • you secretly long to live in a small cabin-in-the-woods / cottage-by-the-lake / shanty-by-the-sea and get back-to-basics (but would never manage it because you would miss your blog/email/internet friends too much)
and for those of you who think this test is slightly biased I have only this to say . . . well, um, yeah - you never know.
p.s. yes that is Viggo below.


pissed off patricia said...

Well about three or four of them are me, so I know I'm not a full blown hippie. Maybe I qualify as a hippette.

Callooh said...

hippette - that's good, I think that's what my daughters are.
don't worry you sound like you're safe enough...

Neil Shakespeare said...

Damn. I guess I'm not a hippie. All those people who called me that must have been wrong...

Callooh said...

ah well, it could be worse, you could be a poet as well....

Gary said...

I think I might qualify, but I think a middle aged hippie dad can like single malt, ska music, vacations in Mexico and blogging and still qualify.

A few more for the ist.

You know what a bong is. You have used one in the last 5 years.

You secretly long to live in a little cabin in the woods without electricity.

You remember that boy/girl from that 1970's rock festival and wonder where he/she is today.

Gary said...

Thanks for your visit and post on Sasha. Yes, dogs can bring a lot. May your little friend have many more good years...

Callooh said...

his name was Todd, and he is in France now wealthy and getting married, last I heard.... sigh

secretly long for a small house near a lake/ocean (any body of water) with just enough room for me and one or two pets and plenty of sunlight for a proper studio

music is open, ska especially. and I do remember scotch being quite lovely.

thanks Gary.

Sothis said...

I'm guilty on ALL counts. I could espeically identify with the cous cous (I will not eat the small grain stuff--only the big pearl kind for me!) And I still dream of having a cabin in the White Mountains of New Hamshire...

Kathleen Callon said...

Welcome me to the club, too.

(Viggggggggo... and the rest, too.)

Hope you are all well.

Callooh said...

sothis -
well its your fault I know the difference now isn't it? can I visit you in your cabin? you can visit me by the sea....?

Kathleen -
Viggggooo yesss, and yum
am looking for ways to insert him in every blog entry (as an academic exercise only) - instead of where's waldo we could play find the scorching hot sexy viggo image burning a hole in your screen.

am doing well, currently am translating my last 'pome' into Spanish. . . . ;-)

Lance Morrison said...

25 out of 36!


My score would be higher if I had children. For I would most definately quote Gandhi to them.

No soy for me, but ALL of my meat is organic, naturally and humainly raised.

Callooh said...

all the meat I buy is organic too - I CAN still cook with it, and do cook for non-veggies....

no choice about the soy, can't do the milk thing - sigh, if it were just milk that would be one thing, but its the cheese I miss... really big sigh!

Gandhi rocks...

The Jackal and Vixen said...

Tree hugging liberal weirdo freak.

Callooh said...

what would you know, conservative, pinko, commie zombie...