Monday, February 11, 2013

dear cupid

a letter with footnotes....

Dear Cupid1

I wanted to personally
2 thank you for all
the joy
3 you have brought into my life4
thus far. My high school years were
especially full
5 of your special touch with
an arrow
6. As I grew and matured7 I came to
realize the unique role
8 that you would play
in my life
9. Every step I took you were
10. I have certainly been blessed11 by
your love
12. It is at this wonderful13 time
of the year that I really feel closest to you
So for all
15 you have done16 I want to express
my gratitude
17 properly18. With a kiss19.

Yours with Love

1 you atrocious nude hooligan
2 meaning up close and quite personal
3 years personal gut-wrenching anguish
4 if you could call it that
5 of scatological moments
6 were you aiming for my forehead?!
7 tried desperately to out run you – you grotty little louse
8 of my private naked tormentor
9 of pain and turmoil
10 shooting barbed arrows in my back
11 I didn’t know Beelzebub did blessings
12 love of inflicting exquisite psychological and physical torture
13 commercially forced-fed sentimental pink drivel
14 hard to miss you with this sharp arrow in my throat – you vile bastard!
15 Every last agonizing…
16 each and every arrow through my head, my back…
17 I purchased a cross-bow
18 so I would watch your spiteful nude arse
19 would you like to know where?
20 here's to snapping your "little bow"

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