Friday, December 21, 2012

I may have left my pocket handkerchief behind

I may be the world's worst packer. Four hours with the surfaces of my bed, bedroom floor, bath room and hallway covered in "stuff I need to pack", "stuff I want to pack", four of five lists of "stuff I bloody well better NOT forget to pack" and Christmas stuff that I will wrap up after Christmas when the kids and I get to have our holiday.

Even after I got it all "stuffed" I kept thinking I'd forgotten something critical and would unpack until I found what I had forgotten I'd already packed, and then, I'd have to repack it all again. This all ended up with a very late bedtime. The sleep deprivation from an early wake up time has only added my dis-organizational skills and poise today.

In the airport my suitcase was 10lbs over - those 10lbs? Books. I had to unpack enough literary weight and cram it into my already poorly chosen and poorly packed carry-on bags. I "lost" my Kindle (yes, I brought a Kindle AND books, you'd understand if knew me) for about 20 minutes and was all set to march back up to the Full Body Scan Area (I'm special that's why) and see if I had left it there when I discovered right where I had packed it. I may have been somewhat of a spectacle, patting down all my pockets, walking in circles madly unpacking my carry-ons in the lounge, while everyone else sat there composed and reading, or snacking or playing Temple Run on their iPads.

This adventure has turned me into a clumsy, scattered, and unorganized ditz; I can almost feel my hair turning blonde (sorry politically incorrect, my bad). Me, who is used to packing for 3 kids for extended car trips. Me, one who co-ordinates multiple complex schedules simultaneously whilst grocery shopping, driving, cleaning etc, etc. I'm Queen Multi-fucking-Tasker, and I seem to have completely fallen apart.

The good news is I've made it to Montreal, and all the way to the hotel, and only had to ask 7 or 8 people at the airport for help. More good news (typing as my stomach rumbles) in 20 minutes I am meeting (assuming I can find my way back to the Lobby, but that's another blog) 2 friends I haven't seen since I moved to the US, and we're going out to dinner.

The not so fun news, I have a 4am wake up call for my morning flight, I'll write about that tomorrow.

*Sorry there's no pictures, only bare bone blogging tonight. Later, I will have pictures, wonderful tropical pictures, pictures of birds, plants, my feet in sandy locations.... now, it's time for dinner!  Bon séjour!

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