Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How I wait

Another meeting, another coffee shop. This time with tea, camomile, which is nice with the rain and the cold outside and no runners opening the door inside.  There's the addicts out huddled in the rain for a smoke, but they are not sending cold gusts my way.

I drive. A lot. Outpatient therapy, groups, meetings, appointments... I'm getting better at sitting quietly waiting in coffee shops inbetween trips. I remember hearing 20years (?30years) ago that the next big hangout was going to be coffee shops, I think it was Drew Barrymore who said it, I thought that was nuts. Of course then I wasn't interested in being any place I couldn't get a drink. Ironic now.

It seems sitting here with my tea that I am still, and all the world swirls around me. I like that. There's a basketball game in the "Gymatorium", a Food Bank being set up ( I'm in a church coffee shop this time), a lively debate going on behind the fireplace, and the meeting, of course, up the stairs and behind the closed door. That's why I'm waiting this time. Tomorrow it will be the coffee shop by The Education Center, Thrusday and Friday back to Outpatient, and that's my life now.

It's not so bad, really.

oh, and the picture, this is what happens when I blog from my phone

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