Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Canadian World Domination

Under The Tyranny of The Generals!


Just think how much fun it would be ....
being Dominated by a Canadian....

first the USA

Under Canadian World Domination we find states to be illogical and prefer provinces. The following zones have been renamed to suit Canuck aims.

ZONE I: Laporte Memorial Park (territory) "LMP"

ZONE II: Land Du Beaver (territory) "LDB"

ZONE III: Molson (province)

ZONE IV: Acadia (province)

ZONE V: Kraftland (province)

ZONE VI: Degrassi Jr. Wasteland (province) "DJW"

ZONE VII: Dief The Chief (province) "DTC"

HORTON BAY: This is our man-made reservoir -- we have flooded several former American states to make this majestic watery area. There was no purpose, just cruelty.

ZONE VIII: Littlest-Hobo-Land (province)

ZONE IX: Bombardier (province)

ZONE X: The Hip (province)

ZONE XI: The Trudeau Compound -- this is our man-made penal colony.

Some have suggested that the United States of America be flooded with nuclear radiation and used for soil experimentation instead of wasting time with colonization attempts. The pro-nuke regiment of Canadian World Domination has made a good case, read their reasoned arguments.

then the world....

of course there will alwa
ys be those who just will not understand....

just too be sure...


Gary said...

This is funny! IN fact, do I detect a slight surge of humour and irreverence on your blog my friend?

Callooh said...

me irreverent? surely you jest! I am in earnest... (no really!)

okay okay, life is too serious, I need some humour...