Sunday, February 11, 2007


Please watch this all the way through.

This is her web site - I am humbled.


Lance Morrison said...

Thank you for that.
I've known several people who have been touched by an autistic person in their lives (Children, grandchildren, friends, loved ones), though I have never known any myself.
I saw an interview where an autistic lady said that (I'm paraphrasing), "People think that autism is a disability, but many autistic persons are very abled... if not more so than many 'normal' people. Our minds are not worse than yours, they are just different, and work in different ways. Maybe the autistic mind is just a more evolved mind than the 'normal' mind."

Callooh said...

In our society where "different" is feared, and therefore shunned, (or worse) the autistic person would seem terrifying. this naturally makes me want to jump up and down and rant and wave my arms about uselessly, and shake people till they're sensible - but what use would it do? This woman does a much better job of it. If you've read 'The Curious Incident in the Night with the Dog' you can gain more insight into the autistic mind. Watching this gave me more empathy for the autistic child I know, and even for my son's ADHD which can be a challenge on a good day.

Lance Morrison said...

I LOVED 'Curious Incident..." One of my favorite books ever. You should also read another one of Mark Haddon's books... 'A Spot Of Bother". It's brilliant.

Callooh said...

haven't read that, must give it a try, heavily into spirituality readings now.

(Catherine read "Curious Incident..." and really liked it, I think it helped her understand an autistic boy we know)