Thursday, May 18, 2006



I have been told to leave a restaurant.
Been met with suspicion, ridicule, and yes, even come on to.

All in a day's fun.

What a big fat surprise, employers don't want me interviewing and taking pictures of their Mexican workers, and the workers themselves, well only my friends believe me, when I tell them I am doing this to put a human face, a pair of hands, tired downcast eyes, a family left at home to the "Problem of Immigration".

So it's not going to be easy (when have I ever decided to do anything the easy way), doesn't mean its not worth doing - hopefully it won't "get you deported! and everyone you interview too!"

In the meantime I went here to vent some of my frustration (again I must apologize for my tremendous lack of HTML skills)

and sent some letters off. there, at least I did something this morning.


Gary said...

Have courage.

Callooh said...

thanks Gary.
I'm on to plan G now - A, B,C,D,E,F haven't worked, but G - G looks good!

Anonymous said...

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